Do your patients find difficulty in taking medicines in powder form ? Do your patients complain about the bad taste of medicines ? Are you worried if the medicines are taken in right dose by your patients ? Do you want an increase in the shelf life of herbal powders If your answer to all the above questions is yes, you can rely on the range of tablets manufactured by Ayurved Rasayani. Tablets, referred to as Guti-vati, are formulated by processing the churnas, bhasmas, etc. with appropriate natural binding agents. These are also manufactured by trituration of churna with juices or decoctions of certain drugs. Trituration increases the potency of the product and hence it has to be done accurately and relentlessly. Post Trituration, tablets of desired dose are prepared and dried. For trituration, we at Ayurved Rasayani, use mortar and pestle made up of biocompatible material. Metal instruments are avoided to prevent reaction between the ingredients and metal. Tablets are prepared by using GMP grade 20-36 station double rotatory tableting machine. Coated tablets are not prepared since it requires addition of certain chemicals, which is against the principle of Ayurvedic pharmaceutics. The tablets are then tested for hardness, appropriate weight, friability, disintegration time and are packed for sale. Thus, a perfect amalgamation of Ayurvedic and modern manufacturing processes and quality control norms has been achieved. We, at Ayurved Rasayani ensure that all the steps are undertaken meticulously, right from mixing of API (Active Pharma Ingredients), till packaging of the tablets. In accordance with our principles, every process is subjected to stringent Quality Control norms.
Prapancha (Sadha)
MRP: 1739
A.R. Shankha Bhasma Vati
MRP: 1043
Godanti Bhasma Vati
MRP: 1113
Chandraprabha Vati
MRP: 1454
Lashunadi Vati
MRP: 1209
Suran vatak
MRP: 960
Shankha Vati (Bruhat)
MRP: 1432
Chitrakadi Vati
MRP: 1002
Sanjivani Vati
MRP: 974
Shouktik Bhasma Vati
MRP: 1252
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