Suvarna Kalpas
Suwarna kalpa - Suwarna kalpa refers to a category of medicines having gold as the chief ingredient. Suwarna has multiple properties including rejuvenating, restorative as well as aphrodisiac properties. It is also known to have a excellent effect on mind, brain and nervous system. It is also known to be a potent anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective .Recent studies have demonstrate that Swarna plays an important role in treatment of cancer by improving patients Quality of life and also increasing the Progression free survival and overall survival. Hence, we can say that Swarna in Ayurveda has a broad range of therapeutic Indications and hence we can see various formulations mentioned in Ayurveda have of Suwarna as a main component. Now it is understood that Swarna bhasma contains Gold Nano particles . Suwarna kalpa are useful in all age groups from a new born baby to elderly people, for upkeep of well-being as well as treatment of diseases. These facts call attention to meticulous manufacturing of Suwarna kalpa. We, at Ayurved Rasayani have a vast experience in manufacturing best quality of swarna based products using traditional methodologies.We can infact say that Swarna Kalpas are speciality of Ayurveda Rasayani.We have conducted several research activities on swarna and are granted with several National and Intenational patents on Swarna Bhasma.We take outmost care to manufacture best quality swarna products. Only the raw material that clears the strict quality control norms is taken up for processing. The manufacturing is carried out with utmost caution. Minimal use of machinery and handmade suwarna kalpa is our specialty. The final product is then subjected to standardization process before packaging. The entire process is carried out under our stringent Quality Control norms. Swarna Kalpa in Capsules. -Each swarna kalpa of Ayurved Rasayani is presented with a most innovative and thoughtful process. We do not subject our swarna kalpa to process of tableting. All our Swarna kalpa are in powder form hygienically packed in biocompatible capsule. This facilitates the user to take the required quantity of the formulation without the mess of grinding the tablets .Moreover this also makes the product available in finest particle size thereby increasing the efficacy to many folds. Capsule of swarna kalpas can be opened easily and the ingredients can be used with suitable vehicles to obtain best results. So whenever you think of using this Golden preparation of Ayurveda for your patient ,we assure to provide you with the best quality one .
Somnatha Rasa (Bruhat)
MRP: 2003
Suvarna Malini Vasant
MRP: 1401
Suvarna Bhoopati Rasa
MRP: 2254
Suvarnasootshekhar Rasa
MRP: 1653
Bruhat Vatchintamani Rasa
MRP: 3105
Kumarkalyan Rasa
MRP: 4007
Rajmrugank Rasa
MRP: 2404
Vasantkusumakar Rasa
MRP: 1802
Trilokyachintamani Rasa
MRP: 7420
Mahalaxmivilas Rasa
MRP: 1101
Shwaskas Chintamani Rasa
MRP: 2505
Chaturmukh Rasa
MRP: 1603
Yogendra Rasa
MRP: 3505
MRP: 2020
Jayamangal Rasa
MRP: 4007
Kalyansundar Rasa
MRP: 3757
Mrugank Rasa
MRP: 3505
Rasaraj Rasa
MRP: 2254
Bramhi Vati
MRP: 1753
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