Bhasma is a preparation in which the gem or metal is converted into a bioprocessed nano-pharmaceutical. They have a very important role in Ayurvedic therapeutics. Bhasma are potent in small dose and is devoid of unpalatable taste as well .Also they are quick acting and highly effective in many critical diseases. But most importantly these properties of bhasma can be experienced only if they are prepared accurately. In order to obtain the bhasma ayurvedic classics has mentioned methods of calcination. Proper calcination is extremely important to obtain a therapeutically effective bhasma. In this process, the substances that are not compatible to human body are made biocompatible. In order to accomplish this objective, metals are subjected to various processes - bio-purification, trituration and incineration. The prepared bhasma is then subjected to stringent quality control norms. Keeping this in mind, we at Ayurved Rasayani strive hard consistently to produce high quality bhasma. All the steps involved in production of bhasma are undertaken meticulously - bio-purification, trituration and incineration. Bio-purification minimizes the harmful properties of gems and metals; Trituration reduces particle size and imparts bio-compatibility. In Incineration, appropriate amount of heat is applied thus converting it to biocompatible form. We carry out Incineration process meticulously by traditional method using biofuel. Bhasma is prepared in containers made of clay as specified in Ayurvedic literature. After conducting extensive research on method of manufacturing Bhasma we have standardized the method of developing best quality bhasma. The bhasma hereby prepared is then subjected to classical quality control norms .Also the prepared bhasma undergoes stringent quality checks using analytical procedures like HPLC,SEM,ICP. Therefore, if you use bhasmas manufactured by Ayurved Rasayani, you can be sure that you are using top most quality of bhasma prepared strictly as per classical Ayurvedic norms.
Kapardik Bhasma
MRP: 1590
Shankha Bhasma
MRP: 2120
Shouktik Bhasma
MRP: 2120
Godanti Bhasma
MRP: 1484
Tamra Bhasma
MRP: 370
Hirak Bhasma
MRP: 5830
Suvarna Bhasma
MRP: 8374
Rajat Bhasma
MRP: 5422
Mouktik Bhasma
MRP: 1908
Abharak Bhasma
MRP: 16
Vanga Bhasma
MRP: 29
Jasad Bhasma
MRP: 46
Loha Bhasma
MRP: 15
Mandur Bhasma
MRP: 16
Nag Bhasma
MRP: 42
Suvarnmakshik Bhasma
MRP: 33
Trivanga Bhasma
MRP: 24
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