Makardhwaj is an excellent combination of non-hormonal, aphrodisiac herbo-mineral drug. It improves semen quality and helps in curing impotency and other sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. It improves sexual strength. It enhances immune system and makes body less vulnerable to illness. It increases vigor and vitality and gives hope to infertile couples. It is also an effective aphrodisiac for chronic diabetics, hypertensive and old persons.

MRP: 2020 Rs.
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Suvarna bhasma-2 parts, Vanga bhasma-2 parts, Mauktik bhasma-2 parts, Kantaloha bhasma-2 parts, Jatikoshaphal churna- 2 parts, Raupya bhasma-2 parts, Kansya bhasma-2 parts, Rasasindura-2 parts, Praval bhasma-2 parts, Kasturi-2 parts, Karpur-2 parts, Abhrak bhasma-2 parts, Suvarna sindur-4 parts

As directed by Physician

Rasendrasar sangraha, Rasayan- vajikaran adhikar, Motilal Banarasidas, Varanasi

As directed by Physician