Why Rasayani Direct

Why Rasayani direct

Dear Doctor

As you all know that the scenario of Ayurveda practice is changing rapidly. Today the conventional medical science has no solution for various chronic and critical illness. The diseases are becoming more and more complicated and the problems like drug resistance are adding to this complexcities. Hence todays patients are turning towards Ayurveda to get treatement for with such illness .

Now the main question for Ayurveda community is are we capable of handling such complex and complicated illness. The answer certainly is yes but we should have the most potent and best quality medicines to tackle such illness. Rasa Shastra provides us with such potent medicines which are not only highly efficacious but also extremely fast acting.

But many a times Ayurvedic doctors complains that these medicines are highly costly.The high cost of Rasaaushadis is due to use of precious raw materials and the tedious manufacturing process. Along with this a substantial amount of cost is added in the cost of the medicine for marketing, distribution and share of multiple stakeholders in the supply chain.

This high cost of medicines is a cause of concern even for us. We do realize that the benefit of Rasa Shastra should reach to all the patients irrespective of their financial background.Hence to find a solution for this problem we did an extensive research to find out solutions  for reducing cost of Rasaaushadis without compromising on their quality. We concluded that a lot of cost is incurred for conventional marketing .Thus we decided that we should use and implement the advancements in technology  for reaching directly to our customers.This gave birth to the concept of Rasayani Direct. Just because of this unconventional way of reaching directly to you we are able to save a substantial amount of cost which can be  directly be transferred to you in form of great offers. Just because of this we are able to provide you with best quality of medicine’s at great discounted price.

Our ultimate aim of starting this venture is to implement new age technologies of marketing so as to directly benefit Ayurveda practioners as well as patients. Hope you will take maximum benefit of this service .