The Direct Advantage

The Direct Advantage


Rasayani direct is a unique venture meant to develop a direct relationship between the company and its valuable customers. As per Ayurveda  there are four pillars required for any successful treatment viz Bhishak (Physician) Dravya (Medicine) ,Roga(Patient) and upastata (Caretaker).We at Ayurveda Rasayani believes that for a successful therapeutic outcomes  there needs to be a good coordination between all the four pillars of treatment. A physician should get the best available medicines so that he have full confident of the medicines he is using and at the same time he should get the best medicines easily available at the best rates.

For that it is very essential to establish a close relationship between the physician and the medicine manufacturing company. And in today’s world of technology what else could be the best way other than the web based portal to establish this relationship. This is the entire thought process which made us to start this new service of Rasayani direct for our valuable customers.

Services offered through Rasayani direct.

  • Know your pharmacy-In this segment we regularly keeps informing you about strengths and specialties of Ayurved Rasayani. Also we will be updating you about latest developments of the company. After all being a member of Ayurved Rasayani family you need to know and understand us properly.


  • Clinical support –  Some times in clinical practice there comes some queries where you feel to discuss a case with some friend of yours. We understand this and hence we wre offering a open forum for you to discuss your queries and experiences in clinical practice. Dr.Yogesh Bendale will personally share his thoughts and opinion with you on the concerned query.


  • Continuous Medical Education(CME)  programs -  Medical science is a continuous learning process and each doctor needs to keeps himself up-to-date with the latest development.And when so much is happening in field of Ayurveda how can one afford to miss these developments .Hence we offer a series of various CME programs and also webinars to keep our members up to date.


  • Direct access to company’s products.- Through our web based portal we offer a direct access to all our products. We display all our products at a glance along with detailed information. Not only this we offers great discount and offers to our members on all products .These products are delivered directly by us at the doorsteps of our customers within 2-4 days.