Company Profile

Ayurved Rasayan is a GMP Certified Sch.t compliant Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical company located in Pune India.Ayurved Rasayani developes and makes high quality Ayurvedic products espically to treat chronic and critical illness.

Our speciality lies in manufacturing of high quality Rasaaushadis (Herobmineral Formulations) strictly as per the classical methods explained explained in Ayurveda texts.Our company is backed by high end analytical and quality control lab which ensures all the products meets higest quality standard.Also the company has a full Fledged R&D Depertment which is continously working to develope highly efficacious and safe medicines for treating chronic as well as critical illness.

Company has a wide range of products in category of Rasakalpa,Bhasma,Sindoorkalpa,Suvarnakalpaas well as Guti,Vati.

Company also has a wide range of Patent and proprietary products whuch are developed after a through research.

Company also have several products in developemental pipeline which are under different stages of developement.

Also we are about to launch a wide range of personal care products.