E -Journal

We understands that development of any science depends on the way it is researched .Clinical practice give raise to various necessities and such necessities and queries are in fact mother of new inventions. But it is very important to bring such research findings in public domain so as to reach maximum clinicians and patients.

Considering these facts we have started a e-journal named “Rasamruta”.This is an exclusive online journal available at www.rasamruta.com. Rasamruta is a first e-journal in Ayurveda. Rasamruta is completely devoted towards Ayurveda and its followers. All the articles submitted to rasamruta undergoes peer review from a group of expert reviewer’s .Only the best quality article with a significant scientific impact are selected and published. We provide a complete open access to all the selected articles and all these articles can be viewed and downloaded totally free of cost from the journal website. Moreover we do not charge anything even from the authors and the entire submission review and publication is absolutely free. The articles of this journal is indexed in google scholar.

We invite you all to submit the findings of your research studies to rasamruta so as to reach maximum viewers. We hope you all will enjoy reading research articles published in Rasamruta.