Contract research

Contract Research

We have a setup of state of art center for Research approved by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (D.S.I.R.) capable of basic and applied scientific work in the fields of therapeutic metallic chemistry and also phytochemistry.  The facility is situated near Pune which being a University center in Western India boasts of high quality human and technical resources.

The Center can undertake research for characterization of inorganics especially the herbo-metallic complexes of Noble Elements as well as Phytochemicals. The facility supports a FDA Approved Pilot Plant facility to generate samples for clinical trials as well as routine production. Hence work on process development for Active Pharmaceuticals and formulations as well as validation of processes based on traditional as well as modern chemistry can be undertaken in this facility.

In terms of quality control the tests routinely carried out are based on gas and liquid chromatography, Infra-Red Spectroscopy in the Middle and Far Region, Elemental analysis, Thermo-gravimetry, metal analysis by Inductively Coupled Atomic Emission Spectrophotometry.  This supported by wet chemistry section with micro-wave digestion for sample preparation. 

We also have a cell and molecular biology department equipped with advanced research facilities for conducting experiments related to molecular biology.

We also have a team of  highly qualified clinical research professionals who can help you in planning clinical research activities and can also assist you with support related to Biostatistics and report preparation.

Our research center has a technical collaboration with other leading research institutes and we can outsource tests such as powder XRD, SEM, TEM and certain in vitro and in vivo pre- clinical work.

This research facility can be availed by Ayurveda industries, Ayurveda students and research scholars.