About Managing Director

Dr.Yogesh Bendale

                Dr. Yogesh Bendale was born in 1971 in a humble household. He joined Tilak Ayurved College in Pune and attained the degree of BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery). With a keen interest in manufacturing of medicines especially Rasakalpas, Dr. Bendale opted ‘Rasashastra’  (Ayurvedic Pharmacology) as a subject for post-graduation studies. He completed his MD with flying colors and achieved gold medal for the same from Pune University. During his educational years, he was not only well trained in treatment of diseases but manufacturing of medicines as well.

                Dr. Bendale has many facets to his personality – an Ayurvedic scholar, an able practitioner, a competent researcher, a proficient drug developer as well as an entrepreneur. These qualities have brought him recognition on an international platform as well.

                Dr. Yogesh Bendale has an established Medical practice in Pune, Maharashtra. During his practice of nearly two decades, Dr. Bendale has treated thousands of patients of chronic and critical illnesses. Through his command on the curative powers of Ayurveda, Dr. Bendale has successfully treated patients with several chronic and so called incurable ailments Including Cancer, chronic renal failure, Hepatic failure etc.

With his experience and vast knowledge of Ayurveda, Dr. Bendale offers consultation and healing to patients in Europe and the Middle East (UAE).  He  has  successfully treated several patients of chronic incurable illness from royal families in many countries. Dr. Bendale was instrumental in setting up a fully equipped 175 bed hospital in Germany during 1996 when Ayurveda was not so prominent in the region.

His fondness of manufacturing of medicines has led him to design a range of new, safe and effective drug formulations. This methodology has resulted in a set  of Cancer fighting drugs that have multiple international patents.  Dr. Bendale has devised specific course of treatment for almost all the systems of human body. He holds 15 patents for drug formulations, important one being the ‘Green Nano’ technology for effective oral therapeutics in  cancer, including the Nano Platinum and Nano Gold series of formulations. Not just restricted to national patents, Dr. Bendale has been granted with some international patents as well.

Owing to his talent and experience, Dr. Bendale holds important positions in various national and international institutions  as well –

  • Chairman and MD – Rasayani Biologics Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India
  • President – Association for Consciousness and Knowledge of Vedic Sciences, France
  • Founder President of the above charitable organization, started in 1998 and active all over Europe
  • Managing Director – Ayurveda Rasayani, Pune, India
  • Secretary – European Academy of Ayurveda, Italy and Sai Dhanwantari Institute of Ayurveda, Netherlands
  • Adviser- LOTUS, a Dutch monthly magazine
  • Patron - Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune
  • Worked with various organizations at top ranking position for propagation of Ayurveda in UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France , Gulf Countries and more.