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Ayurved Rasayani

Ayurved Rasayani, a syndicate dedicated to the manufacturing of paramount quality Ayurvedic medicines is established by Dr.Vineeta Bendale and Dr. Yogesh Bendale in Mahalunge, Pune. Their strong will to bring the classical Indian science of Ayurveda to society in contemporary form led to the evolution of Ayurved Rasayani. The commitment is to disseminate the supremacy of Ayurvedic medicines in many critical diseases.

                Ayurved Rasayani provides nature based solutions for healthy and holistic lifestyle with an assortment of products – Tablets, Bhasma, Gold Compounds, Rasakalpas, Personal care products, Patent and proprietary medicines. Ayurved Rasayani is the biggest manufacturer of Hirak bhasma and Suvarna kalpa. Dr. Yogesh Bendale’s experience of two decades of successful practice in India and abroad led to development of a range of Patent and proprietary medicines dedicated to a healthy life. With the aspiration to give customers mild and gentle personal care products, we started manufacturing a range of these products too.

This wide array of formulations is manufactured as per the standards of Ayurvedic texts and use of modern technology. The entire process of converting raw materials to final medicinal product is independent and in house. Due to our founder’s firm belief that Ayurveda should be evaluated on same quality and efficacy parameters as conventional medicine, thorough quality control is undertaken at each step in manufacturing. This assures high quality and efficacy of the drugs.

                Adherence to quality and firm devotion to the basic doctrines of Ayurveda has helped us imbibe trust in our esteemed customers and their trust is our booster.